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The Splash Designer Redesigned

In our continued effort to make MIMO as simple and effective as possible for all of you, we’ve consolidated our Social Login settings and Splash Designer into a new WYSIWYG splash editor.

The New Designer In Motion

You’ll find the designer is now separated into three tabs.


This is where we merged in the old Splash Page Settings section. Here you will find the options to configure what kind of data you want to capture as well as all the different restrictions and options for configuring the access your splash page will provide.


This is where the creative magic happens! This tab contains all of the controls to change the way your splash page looks. From the background and logos, to colours and even how round you want your buttons to be.


We’ve also separated out all of the content-related options from the old designer. Here you can change your splash page’s text, add social links and enable awesome optional features like the Popup Advert and Welcome Page.

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