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SMS Campaigns

We’re happy to announce that our latest campaign type allows you to send campaigns via SMS! Our campaigns allow you to create highly targeted promotional messages that are sent to your customers automatically.

We even track delivery stats, automatically removing fake data to keep your lists clean. Focus on quality not just quantity.

We’ll go into how to create great campaigns in a later blog, but to get going yourself you need to know just two following two steps.

Create SMS Sender

Setting up an SMS campaign requires you to configure an SMS sender, which is a lot easier than it sounds!

How to create an SMS sender

Head into your senders page within the campaigns section, create a new sender and select the SMS type. You can give it any name you want, your guests won’t see this name, it’s just for your reference.

Your sender will automatically be assigned a phone number, so you don’t need to worry about anything else here.

Create SMS Campaign

Once you have your SMS sender configured, you just need to head back over to your campaign page and create yourself a campaign.

How to create an SMS campaign

Just like the SMS Sender, give your campaign any name you want, and then select SMS. You then just have to select your SMS sender from the dropdown box.

From there you can configure all of the other specifics of your campaign (We’ll make a post on all these options soon).

Please be aware that SMS usage is charged separately to your subscribed plan. See here for more information.

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