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Introducing Our New Referral Program

Do you know people who would benefit from MIMO? Fancy making a few extra $£€?

Well now you can sign up for our new referral program, and start earning a monthly commission from users who sign up via your unique link!

Earn commission from every person you sign up!

We’ve made it as simple as possible for you guys.

  1. Sign up for the referral program here: partners.oh-mimo.com.

    You won’t be able to invite someone right away, but once your account has been activated by ourselves you can get cracking!

  2. Invite people to sign up under your referral link.

    We have a simple email form within the partner portal, but you can also just hand out your referral link wherever you please!

  3. Once your referrals sign up for a plan, you will start to earn a 10% commission on whatever they’re paying - every month.

    This means that the more people you get on, and the more volume they use, the more you will earn! Simples!

If you have any questions, get in touch with us via our chat widget!

Find out whether MIMO could work for your business. You can read more about all the MIMO features here. You can try MIMO for free and it works with all your fave WiFi devices!

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