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Offering OTP / SMS Logins with MIMO

OTP guest access in less than 2 minutes!

If you’re using the open source version (MIMO Community Edition), you can now offer OTP logins and use your own Twilio account. All you need is a functioning version of MIMO (and a Twilio account). To setup MIMO, follow the tutorial here or here. It will take you less than 30 minutes to get things running. You can sign-up for a Twilio account here.

We’ll assume you have your MIMO dashboard working as well as a functioning integration (UniFi works well).

Step 1 - Get Your Twilio Credentials

Login to your Twilio dashboard and grab your Twilio credentials.

Make a note of the account SID and auth token.

Step 2 - Create a Splash Page

Login to your MIMO dashboard and create a splash page if you haven’t already done so.

Within the splash designer, enable SMS logins. You’ll need your Twilio credentials that you got in step 1.

Use the Twilio account ID in the Twilio username field. Use the Twilio auth token in the password field.

Hit save and reload your splash pages.

Step 3 - Test Your Splash Pages

Once you’ve loaded the splash pages, you should see an SMS login option. Enter your mobile number in the field and hit submit. You should recieve a text message in a few seconds containing a password (OTP). Enter this on the page and you should get logged straight in!

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