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6 Golden Things

The May 25th General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline is looming. If you’re running a retail store, cafe, hotel or other public facing business, here’s 6 things you must do, even if you’re not offering public WiFi.

Six Things You Must Do Before May 25

  1. Ensure your WiFi provider has implemented GDPR ‘friendly’ terms.
  2. Update your own website terms - make sure they’re also GDPR friendly!
  3. Add an opt-in checkbox wherever you’re capturing customer data.
  4. Add a cookie consent form to your site (and splash pages).
  5. Determine if you’re a controller or processor of the data.
  6. Email all your existing customers and ask them to reconfirm consent.

What are GDPR Friendly Terms?

Your friendly WiFi provider might not be that friendly after all. Many of them are selling your data and your customer's data on to third parties. The new rules mean two things:

  1. They’ll need to be more transparent about how they’re using the data
  2. They can only use the data for legitimate purposes

Find out whether they're compliant before May 25th. The new rules also mean it's your responsibility to choose a compliant provider.

Why Should I Update My Own Terms?

No matter how small or big you are, if you’re capturing customer data in any form, you must update your terms & privacy policies so your customers know what you’re capturing and what you’re doing with it.

Even if you’re just capturing email addresses…

What’s An Opt-In Checkbox?

If you’re capturing emails, you must ask the users whether it’s ok for you to use their email. We also recommend using a double-opt in too - this might decrease your sign-ups but it’ll keep you safe.

Focus on quality not quantity moving forwards.

That annoying popup you get on most sites asking you if you’re OK with cookies. Ask your friendly web-designer to stick one on, it’s a 5 minute job.

A Data What?

For brevity - you’re a data controller since you’re not doing any ‘data-processing’. Add an email to your terms so your customers can get in touch. Something like [email protected] works.

Email All My Customers WTF?

If you’ve been capturing emails, it would be a really great idea to email them and ask them to reconfirm their subscription. You technically don’t have to do this if you’ve been a good person and asked them all for consent. But you probably didn’t.

You’ll also save yourself some dosh - not everyone will reply. And what’s the point in emailing people who aren’t interested eh?

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