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It’s GDPR Time!

You heard it from us first (I’m sure you didn’t) - the GDPR party is happening on Friday 25th May 2018.

We’ve written loads of blogs and updates which include the features we’ve added etc. We’re overdue a summary - here’s some useful articles etc:

  1. Common questions we’ve been asked — blog > here.
  2. The six things you must do — another blog > here.
  3. Ensure you’ve enabled the consent form on your splash pages — doc here.
  4. Read about the new GDPR tools we’ve implemented — blog here.
  5. Read our terms — they’re actually quite interesting — here.

If you’re in the EU - please please please ensure you’ve enabled the consent checkbox on your splash pages.

We’ve add loads of features to keep you and your customers safe. These include:

  • Customisable consent popup
  • User timelines
  • Double-opt-in emails
  • Personalised user data request tools!
  • Heck, we even moved our service into the EU completely

Let us know how we’re doing on https://twitter.com/ohmimo

Our friends at Cucumber Tony have also written a blog about this here.