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All-New Features and Updates - GDPR Special

There’s not much time left before GDPR hits! In preparation we’ve got a bunch of new features to help keep you compliant, and more!

If you’re in the EU, your users need to agree to the terms of use and opt-in to any marketing messages you might be sending.

We’ve built you a whole section to keep yourself compliant. It adds a handsome popup to the splash page. You can even customise the text!

You can read about it here.

User Timelines

You also need to give your users a facility to view, download and delete their profile data.

We’ve built you a whole new section so you can search and browse through your customers. We’re calling them — timelines!

When the user agrees to the terms, the action is now logged into their timeline so you and they can see when they agreed and what they agreed to.

Data Request Page

What’s even more awesome is your customers can now request their data from the splash pages/MIMO website.

They just need to enter their email address at the below url, and they will be sent a link.


They’ll see a similar timeline to the one above, will be able to delete and download all their datas. High five.

Double Opt-in Email Capture

To keep you GDPR compliant when you use internal integration with your Email login type, your guests will now be sent an email upon signing in to confirm that they agree to their email being used for newsletters/marketing purposes.

Their email will not show in your lists until they confirm this.

Non-EU Friends

For those of you not in the EU and not affected by GDPR, we’ve added the ability for you to toggle the GDPR form off - no worries!

And for you Canadians out there, it turns out the new compliance tools we’ve built in for the GDPR (should) mean you’re compliant if you’re operating splash pages in Canada! More on this soon.

And for a non-GDPR feature updates…

Introducing Password Logins

Due to popular request, we’ve implemented password logins!

Selecting this login method will require your guests to enter the password you have set in order to log in. You can also set MIMO to automatically create, update, and send you a new password on the days you decide.

New Splash Editor Style Options

We couldn’t think of a one-size-fits-all style solution for Email, Password and SMS login buttons - so we’ve added the ability for you to style these buttons individually!

You can customise their background, border and text colour, and also whether you want their icon to be dark or light. This will give you a lot more freedom when designing your splash pages.

Find out whether MIMO could work for your business. You can read more about all the MIMO features here. You can try MIMO for free and it works with all your fave WiFi devices!

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