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Using WiFi to Drive Engagement

So you’ve got yourself some WiFi but what does it actually do for your business? We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to help you get more out of your WiFi. Your WiFi should work for you, not just your customers.

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Here’s a few inside tips to make your WiFi work for you. You can read the results of a survey we recently conducted in a forthcoming article.

It’s only a splash page…

No it’s not. Most people trust free public WiFi more when there’s a splash page. Particularly when it’s pretty (and better still, branded).

A handsome splash page makes a big difference. First impressions count right? It’s not so hard to create a pretty one these days (with MIMO of course).

Don’t ask, don’t get

Can you actually capture good quality data via a splash page? Surely people will enter nonsense?!

We ran an experiment to measure the quality of the data captured via a splash page. We ran the tests in 20 locations, evenly split between:

  • Group A - used a registration login with name, age, location and email.
  • Group B - used a simple splash with just email capture (like the one above).

The results are in…..

  • 3% of the emails captured on the registration page were legit. I.e. not many people entered a valid email.
  • 86% of the emails captured on the simple splash were legit. Woooah!

Take a step back, these results are ridiculous. People are happy to enter their details as long as you’re careful:

  1. Don’t ask for too much data
  2. Give them the choice to opt-out
  3. Offer something back

In the above experiment, we offered each user a free coffee if they entered their email. That’s the real reason they entered their email 😘

Careful Targeting

So, it’s easy to create a handsome splash page in a flash. It’s also possible to capture good quality emails. And, it’s possible to automatically add these emails to a list, like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor (also with MIMO)!

If you’re going to capture emails from a splash page, make sure you put them in their very own list. Don’t just add them to one massive list.

Think about it, knowing which customers have actually visited you is gold. Your standard list will be full of spam, users from far away lands etc. Your splash list is for customers who’ve actually been in. That’s a big deal.

Automate your emails

So, you’ve got the splash, you got the email. You got a list. You’re kind of a big deal! What’s next? You could send a monthly newsletter to everyone. Or:

  1. You could send a spontaneous email to your customers who’ve visited more than 5 times in the last 30 days
  2. You could send another email to those who’ve not been back for over a month

Be smarter with your campaigns - personalise things. With MIMO you can schedule emails to go out automatically. You make a small effort once and the return will be mega. Don’t spam your regular guests with desperate ‘come back’ messages.

Be a human

Don’t send emails from some rubbish ‘[email protected]’ address. Make them personal, send them from a real person. And wait for the replies - answer them too. Your customers will appreciate this. A lot.

The customers you really want are the ones that really want to engage.


Some people just don’t want to engage with you. That’s business (and life). Let them unsubscribe. Simple as that. With MIMO, we go a step further and automatically clean your lists of junk emails.

Is MIMO a fit for your Business?

Find out whether MIMO could work for your business. You can read more about all the MIMO features here. You can try MIMO for free and it works with all your fave WiFi devices!

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