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MIMO Community Edition

It’s almost here so we’re quite excited to introduce the upcoming MIMO Community Edition to you all!

The community edition is essentially a standalone version of MIMO that you can install and host yourselves - something customers have been asking us about for quite a while.

It will give you everything you need to run your own self-hosted splash pages!

Oh, and it’ll be completely free. That’s right - Free.

Install and run your own self-hosted version of MIMO!

You’ll have the option to brand your dashboard with your own logos, link your own documents and we’ll even generate you your own set of terms.

You’ll also be able to link your own Intercom or Drift support tools to the dashboard, letting you support your users.

Setup and installation, while requiring some technical knowledge, is relatively quick and easy.

For more information, and to register your interest, check out the link below:


Find out whether MIMO could work for your business. You can read more about all the MIMO features here. You can try MIMO for free and it works with all your fave WiFi devices!

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